South Dakota Changes – Competitive Dance

2022 South Dakota Changes, Clarifications & Reminders

  1. The following tumbling skills will be allowed: cartwheels, round offs, aerials (front and side with bent or straight legs), front and back handsprings as long as the feet or hands land first. Any flipping movement that takes off or lands on two feet are illegal with the exception of round offs and front/back handsprings. Front and back tucks are illegal. Tumbling passes that connect different or same skills remain illegal.

  2. Require that all coaches, head or assistant, paid or volunteer, for SDHSAA fall sports complete the course, “The Collapsed Athlete”, PRIOR to assuming their coaching duties each school year.

  3. Kick category was eliminated in 2021-22 school year.

  4. Limit the number of dance routines to any two styles of routines for all competitions. The two routine scores will be averaged to determine the Grand Champion for Dance. Pom does not have to be one of the routines performed.

  5. Follow the NFHS on hair rule and eliminate the South Dakota deviation for hair. Hair must be worn in the manner that is appropriate for the activity involved.

  6. Bases of a t-lift may walk only. Must have two bases for each person lifted.

  7. Inquiry Process: Upon completion of each routine, the safety judge will meet with a designated coach in front of the
    judges table to inform coach of any safety violations. A brief explanation will be shared with the coach. If the conference becomes confrontational, an unsporting deduction may be assessed.

  8. If wearing sheer material, you need two layers, one of which is not nude color. Language in bold was added to clarify.

South Dakota Modifications

  1. No glitter hairspray is allowed.

  2. Head judge will be designated for both cheer and dance. Judges scores from low to high be no more than 10 points.

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