The new school year brings new opportunity to all South Dakota High Schools as they continue their sponsorship of interscholastic athletics and fine arts activities. An emphasis on sportsmanship and a higher regard for one’s opponents, the officials who work the games, and the student-athletes who participate have been and continue to be one of the main goals of the South Dakota High School Activities Association and its Board of Directors.

Sportsmanship Videos

What Member Schools Are Doing to Help Promote Good Sportsmanship

Hoven Elementary School

The students of Hoven Elementary School recorded the above sportsmanship announcement that is played prior to each home contest.


Hitchcock-Tulare High School

At Hitchcock-Tulare High School, the above sportsmanship announcement is played before every home contest.

Dakota Valley High School

Athletes at Dakota Valley High School took part in creating this announcement used at all activities hosted at their school.

Other Sportsmanship Resources