South Dakota Changes – Tennis

2021-22 South Dakota Changes, Clarifications & Reminders

  1. Continue to play State Tournaments as Class A on Monday-Tuesday and Class AA on Thursday-Friday of Week 14 each year, rotating between Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

  2. Allow for a substitution for a singles player after the competition has begun, much like we do in doubles, for injury or illness occurring. This cannot be a player who has already played singles in the tournament. If the player withdraws, it must be by consent of the trainer, meet director and/or SDHSAA meet official. Once that player has withdrawn, they are no longer eligible to compete in singles or doubles.

  3. For seeding purposes, the match begins when the first serve of the match takes place.

  4. During regular season, the host school will have the option to play short sets as a match format.

  5. Matches may be played using a 10-game pro set with a seven-point tiebreak when players reach nine, all with no ad scoring.

  6. Allow “between point coaching” with the understanding that the coach must be outside the fence on the same side of the court as their players when coaching. Coaching must not disrupt the opponent or the flow of the match. Players may not go to the fence for coaching during this time.

  7. Tie-Breaking Procedure:
    • Head-to-head
    • Indirect wins – common opponents with players involved in tie
    • Quality wins – any player who has a win versus a higher-seeded player; if they both do, the seed will be awarded to whomever has the best (highest) quality win.
    • Bad losses – whoever lost to the lowest-seeded player would receive the lower seed
    • Coin flip

  8. Tennis will be aligned with two classes. The top 10 schools with the highest ADM will make up Class AA. Class A will consist of the remaining schools. SDHSAA Board of Directors will grant permission to any school to participate in a higher classification than their ADM places them.

  9. Team must follow the below Heat Acclimatization and Contact Restrictions:
    • Days one through five of the heat acclimatization period consist of the first five days of formal practice. During this time, athletes may not participate in more than one practice per day.
    • If a practice is interrupted by inclement weather or heat restrictions, the practice should recommence once conditions are deemed safe. Total practice time should not exceed three hours in any one day.
    • Beginning no earlier than day six, and continuing through day 14 or the first varsity contest, double-practice days must be followed by a single-practice day. When a double-practice day is followed by a rest day, another double-practice day is permitted after the rest day.
    • On a double-practice day, neither practice should exceed three hours in duration, and student-athletes should not participate in more than five total hours of practice. Warm-up, stretching, cool-down, walkthrough, conditioning, and weight room activities are included as part of the practice time. The two practices should be separated by at least three continuous hours in a cool environment.
    • Because the risk of exertional heat illnesses during the preseason heat acclimatization period is high, we strongly recommend that an athletic trainer be onsite before, during, and after all practices.
    • NOTES
      • Consideration should also be taken for any practices conducted in hot and humid weather in non-air cooled facilities.
      • Consult the Heat Index Lookup for more information at
      • Days are calculated inclusive of Sundays/weekends.

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