Region Music Meeting Sites & Dates

Fall Region Music Orientation Meetings will be held in various cities around the state in August and September of each school year. SDHSAA policy mandates that schools planning to participate in the Region Music Contest must have at least one high school music instructor from each music area in their school (i.e., chorus, band, and, if offered, orchestra) that will participate in the Region Solo/Ensemble or Region Large Group contest attend their Region’s Fall Orientation Meeting. During the Region Music Meeting, the members will review Region Contest music concerns such as contest schedules, contest entry deadlines, contest judges, etc.

If a high school music instructor from any music area cannot attend the meeting because of extenuating circumstances, s/he can be excused and another music instructor or school administrator from the same school may serve as a replacement. Excused meeting attendance is achieved WITH PRIOR APPROVAL from the Region Chairperson or Region Secretary. Schools without an excused absence that fail to have an instructor present from each music area of the Region Contest that the school participates in shall be fined $50.00 per music area by the SDHSAA. REMEMBER, the fine for non-attendance “per music area” applies only to the music areas that the school participates in or the Region Solo/Ensemble Contest or Region Large Group Contest.*

* NOTE: Even though the SDHSAA policy stipulates that the school will pay a $50.00 fine for non-attendance, most schools require the instructor to pay the fine for non-attendance at required meetings.

1August 23, 2021YanktonYankton High School
3September 1, 2021WatertownWatertown High School
4August 25, 2021
5August 30, 2021PlattePizza Plus
6September 1, 2021MobridgeMobridge-Pollock High School
7September 1, 2021MurdoJones County High School
8August 31, 2021Rapid CityCentral HS Band Room

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