South Dakota Changes – Gymnastics

2022-23 South Dakota Changes, Clarifications & Reminders

  1. The committee is proposing warm-ups for meets be run in one of two ways:
    1. Traditional Warm-up: the way things were done prior to COVID. Teams come and warm-up a couple of hours before the meet starts, going through their rotations and then compete based on the rotation assigned by the site host.
    2. Modified Capital Cup format: the warm-up that should take place at all Region/State-Qualifying meets. Gyms will open for stretching and shared warm-up on each event. Teams will have to rotate and share equipment for warm-up in allotted time. One-hour warm-up time. Once competition begins, teams will have a five-minute TEAM warmup on each event, regardless of the number of athletes participating. Then each athlete will have a 1 ½ minute touch warm-up prior
      to competing. Vault will use the same time for touch warm-up.

  2. Adjust the State-qualifying scores as follows: Class A Vault = 8.7, Class A Floor = 8.8, Class AA Beam = 8.9 and Class AA Floor = 9.2.

  3. Changes in State Meet Format
    1. Eight teams will qualify for the State Meet Team Competition. The top team from each region and the next six highest overall team scores will advance, regardless of region.
    2. State Meet Schedule
      • Team Day – Friday
        • Morning Session – Class A Team Competition
        • Afternoon Session – Class AA Team Competition
      • Individual Day – Saturday
        • Morning Session – Class A Individual Competition
        • Afternoon Session – Class AA Individual Competition
      • NOTE: Class A and Class AA will alternate each year as to who will go first on each day

  4. Remove All-Around in-season qualifying standards. The All-Around division at the State Meet will consist of those participants that qualified for and are entered in all four events at the State Meet.

  5. Failure to post the contestant number or the correct number for the contestant will result in 0.2 point deduction.

  6. Failure to land on any part of the bottom of the feet first would result in a voided vault. The athlete will not be allowed to attempt the same vault. If the athlete performs the same vault, the vault will be voided.

  7. Pay for State Qualifying Meet judges is $150.

  8. All music recorded for performances to be used with iPod, phone auxiliary cords, etc. No CDs will be allowed.

  9. Winter Moratorium is in effect from December 23-26. No activities allowed during this time.

South Dakota Modifications

  1. Coaches have a maximum of 10 minutes (instead of five) to submit an inquiry after all scores for that team are recorded for that individual event.

  2. Vault judges must sit with one judge on each side of the vault or be placed a minimum of five feet apart when two judges or more are used on the same side of the vault.

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