South Dakota Changes – Golf

2022-23 South Dakota Changes, Clarifications & Reminders

  • All Classes – Coaches are able to coach their players anywhere, except on the greens. This would include the teeing area and those areas already allowable, along with being allowed to coach players until their players are physically on the putting green. A two-stroke penalty will be assessed for each violation.

  • Clarification on what electronic devices are permitted: Bluetooth headphones/earbuds have been added to the list of prohibited devices while in competition.

  • Class A – Redistribution of athletes participating in State Tournament: Using the 50% qualifier at the Region Tournament to qualify for State, those regions that do not have a full Region of participants to qualify 93 total athletes will have the remaining spots divided out equally between the remaining Regions.

  • Class AA – Coaches are allowed the discretion on placement of players on DAY 1 ONLY of the State Tournament.