Duties of Shot Clock Operator

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The shot clock is used for the entire game, including overtime periods.  The shot clock operator shall control a separate timing device with a horn that shall have a sound distinct and different from that of the game clock.  An alternate timing device shall be available.  In addition, the shot clock operator shall:

START shot clock when:

  1. a team gains possession on a:
    1. rebound;
    2. jump ball;
    3. loose ball after a rebound or jump ball;
    4. live ball throw-in after a made basket.
  2. an official signals that an inbounds player touches the ball on a throw-in.

STOP shot clock when:

  1. an official's whistle sounds.

FULL RESET when there is:

  1. a change of possession with a new team in control;
  2. a single personal foul;
  3. a single technical foul on either team;
  4. a try (not a pass) hits the rim or flange, then a team possesses the ball;
  5. a violation (except a kicking or fisting violation);
  6. an inadvertent whistle with no team control;
  7. a held ball that occurs and there is a change of team possession;
  8. a tap or try that fails to hit the rim and is recovered by the opponent;
  9. a try for goal that lodges between the backboard and the basket support.


  1. there is an intentionally kicked or fisted ball with 14 seconds or less on the shot clock.

NO RESET when:

  1. the offense retains possession after the following:
    1. a held ball;
    2. an out-of-bounds violation.
  2. the ball is intentionally kicked or fisted with 15 seconds or more on the shot clock;
  3. there is an injured player;
  4. a timeout is called;
  5. a double foul (any type) occurs;
  6. there is an inadvertent whistle with team control.

ALLOW shot clock to run:

  1. during loose ball situations;
  2. during a try for goal (even when try is at the wrong basket);
  3. when a blocked shot remains inbounds and is recovers by the offensive team.

TURN OFF shot clock when:

  1. there is a reset situation and there are less than 35 seconds remaining on the game clock.

If there is question as to whether a score was made within the shot clock period or whether a try for goal strikes the basket ring, the final decision shall be made by the game officials.