NFOA Awards

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Each year, the National Federation Officials Association (NFOA) recognizes officials throughout the country as a part of their awards program. Awards are presented in three categories:

  • Active Officials Award
  • National Official Contributor
  • NFHS Citation (Official)

Awarded to active high school officials for recent, significant achievement in their sport. Recipients must be NFOA members and exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and moral character and be endorsed by their respective state high school associations. These awards are presented at the state, sectional, and national levels.


1987-88   Harve Johnston, Mitchell
1988-89   Duane Donat, Aberdeen
Boys Basketball
1989-90   Dale Weber, Salem
1990-91   Bill Kohn, Lemmon
1991-92   Gary Reed, Sioux Falls
1992-93   Mike Redmond, Brookings
1993-94   Vern Pfeifer, Aberdeen
1994-95   Al Sime, Britton
1995-96   Bob Krietlow, Stickney
1996-97   Jim Johnston, Mitchell
1997-98   Jim Aberle, Lead
1998-99   Dave Dolan, Rapid City
1999-00   Clyde Hagen, Sioux Falls
2000-01   Gene Struck, Montrose
2001-02   Sherman Culter, Claremont
2002-03   Juel Burnette, Brandon
2003-04   Dave Tate, Pierre
2004-05   Duane Fiala, Sioux Falls
2005-06   Pete Entringer, Colman
2006-07   David A. Burnett, Philip
2007-08   Rick Brommer, Sioux Falls
2008-09   Keith Kusler, Aberdeen
2009-10   Lee Johnson, Wessington Springs
2010-11   Mark Naugle, Hill City
2011-12   Jeff DesLauriers, Sioux Falls
2012-13   Jim Ricketts, Jr., Sioux Falls
2013-14   Kevin Bad Wound, Rapid City
2014-15   Fran Ruesink, Dell Rapids
2015-16   Mike Mudder, Tyndall
2016-17   Mike Kirkeby, Rapid City
2017-18   Jeremy Grady, Salem

Competitive Spirit
2007-08   Sue Cronkhite, Sioux Falls
2008-09   Julie McFarland, Rapid City
2009-10   Carrie Wieman, Madison
2010-11   Jasper DesLauriers, Pierre
2011-12   Jessica Pickett, Colman
2012-13   Tammy Griffith, Aberdeen
2013-14   Amanda Stoeser, Fort Pierre
2014-15   Bobby Fossum, Aberdeen
2015-16   Kelsey Freidel Nelson, Sioux Falls
2016-17   Brandy Gangle, Lake City
Girls Basketball
1989-90   Gary Frankenstein, Howard
1990-91   Dave Stevens, Sioux Falls
1991-92   Rowan Doorn, Lennox
1992-93   Ron Eastmo, Deadwood
1993-94   Michelle Schirado, Sioux Falls     
1994-95   Bob Malloy, Parkston
1995-96   Luke Yellow Robe, Rapid City
1996-97   Mike Begeman, Sioux Falls
1997-98   Gillas Stern, Freeman
1998-99   Mary Kapitan, Yankton
1999-00   Larry Stevens, Rapid City
2000-01   Burnell Glanzer, Armour
2001-02   John Bjorkman, Lake Norden
2002-03   Jeff Sylliaasen, Garretson
2003-04   Brian Ryken, Gayville
2004-05   Jo Auch, Menno
2005-06   Dale Tjarks, Flandreau
2006-07   Tom McGough, Miller
2007-08   Darin Berg, Sioux Falls
2008-09   Brad Kuhnert, Sioux Falls
2009-10   Dave Beranek, Sioux Falls
2010-11   Terry Nebelsick, Huron
2011-12   Daniel Sudbeck, Dimock
2012-13   Jim Haskamp, Alexandria
2013-14   Donnie Kayser, Alexandria
2014-15   Moe Ruesink, Volga
2015-16   Landon Arnold, McIntosh
2016-17   Bret Buck, Bryant
2017-18   Terry Jastram, Sioux Falls
1988-89   Howard Connors, Vermillion
1989-90   Verlyn Stotz, Huron
1990-91   Ethan Hanks, Rapid City
1991-92   Jim Ricketts, Sioux Falls
1992-93   Don Anderson, Yankton
1993-94   John Burchill, Pierre
1994-95   Orrin Anderson, Sioux Falls
1995-96   Curt Ehresmann, Watertown
1996-97   Rod Bean, Belle Fourche
1997-98   Clyde Gross, Huron
1998-99   Duane Hansen, Sioux Falls
1999-00   Scott Fiedler, Sioux Falls
2000-01   Gary Harrington, Huron
2001-02   Buck Timmins, Mitchell
2002-03   Jim Phillips, Deadwood
2003-04   Scott Healy, Aberdeen
2004-05   Terry Weaver, Watertown
2005-06   Randy Kludt, Winner
2006-07   Dana Nelson, Yankton
2007-08  Jim Ricketts, Sioux Falls
2008-09   Stan Evans, Rapid City
2009-10   Randy Oldenkamp, Mitchell
2010-11   Brian Weber, Bridgewater
2011-12   Steve Kreir, Sioux Falls
2012-13   Fred Obermeier, Clark
2013-14   Jerry Beers, Brookings
2014-15   Todd Landsman, Sioux Falls
2015-16   Keith Matthiesen, Hartford
2016-17   Steve Hilton, Piedmont
2017-18   Andy Deinert, Mitchell

1989-90   Lucy Lindskov, Sioux Falls
1990-91   Joanne Runge, Hartford
1991-92   Betty Luther, Sioux Falls
1992-93   Marge Evjen, Sturgis
1993-94   Roberta Schumacher, Aberdeen
1994-95   Mary Lee, Brandon
1995-96   Harriett Wendt, Sioux Falls
1996-97   Linda Dohrer, Sioux Falls
1997-98   Ellen Steever, Lennox
1998-99   Sue Hamre, Sioux Falls
1999-00   Lynneta Fisher, Sisseton
2000-01   Rose Pearce, Rapid City
2001-02   Kay Rose, Sioux Falls
2002-03   Cheryl Allen, Rapid City
2003-04   Jeni Appelwick, Madison
2004-05   Julie King, Wolsey
2005-06   Kelly Hanson, Groton
2006-07   Pamela Arneson, Rapid City
2007-08   Melanie Carpenter, Sioux Falls
2008-09   Bill Allen, Rapid City
2009-10   Lisa Schroeder, Alexandria
2010-11   Jenny Christian, Brandon
2011-12   Kelly Helms, Aberdeen
2012-13   Shavonne Mitchell, Pierre
2013-14   Tara Johanneson, Tea
2014-15   Carrie Wieman, Madison
2015-16   Michelle Johnson, Aberdeen
2016-17   Rebecca Uhrig, Pierre
2017-18   Timberly Lunde, Watertown
Track & Field    
1987-88   Arnie Bauer, Sioux Falls
1988-89   Don Reshetar, Aberdeen
1989-90   Clark Swisher, Aberdeen
1990-91   E.L. "Red" Thomas, Rapid City
1991-92   Rich Hanson, Sioux Falls
1992-93   Dean Mann, Sioux Falls
1993-94   Mike West, Philip
1994-95   Steve Charron, Huron
1995-96   Richard Rockafellow, Geddes
1996-97   Floyd Farrand, Sioux Falls
1997-98   George Kjellsen, Sisseton
1998-99   Dan Barker, Madison
1999-00   Vern Schlekeway, Sioux Falls
2000-01   Virgil “Coke” Newman, Volga
2001-02   Bob Malloy, Parkston
2002-03   Russ Weller, Yankton
2003-04   Jim Tays, Hot Springs
2004-05   Keith McVay, Marion
2005-06   Gene Gillen, Hermosa
2006-07   Tim Casper, Lake Preston
2007-08   Keith Stirling, Lake Andes
2008-09   Gale Patterson, Wall
2009-10   Bob Holloway, Rapid City
2010-11   Dwight Clough, Scotland
2011-12   Brad Tucker, Rapid City
2012-13   Mark Mebius, Wessington Springs
2013-14   Don McLean, Mitchell
2014-15   Bernie Schuurmans, Madison
2015-16   Terry Bong, Sioux Falls
2016-17   Mark Wendelgass, Huron
2017-18   Randy Thomas, Faith

2014-15   Tom Hilsendeger, Bath
2015-16   Guy McNeely, Yankton
2016-17   Greg Stone, Rapid City
2017-18   Nicole Hovdestad, Sioux Falls

1989-90   Peggy Kessler, Valley Springs
1990-91   Jana Carlson, Valley Springs
1991-92   Gary Duffy, Oldham
1992-93   Carol Kendall, Rapid City
1993-94   Deb Schlagel, Clark
1994-95   Curt Voight, Rapid City
1995-96   Terry Duffy, Brookings
1996-97   Dan Krier, Mitchell
1997-98   Roger Nelson, Brookings
1998-99   Kim Weed, Sioux Falls
1999-00   Chuck Vail, Rapid City
2000-01   Lori Krier, Mitchell
2001-02   Kelley Anne Devine, Sioux Falls
2002-03   Francis “Joe” Drab, Rapid City
2003-04   Beth Conroy, Mitchell
2004-05   Vonda Bjorklund, Volga
2005-06   Sandy Neugebauer, Mitchell
2006-07   Sue James, Alcester
2007-08   Gene Bjorklund, Volga
2008-09   Gene Gillen, Hermosa
2009-10   Beth Schutt, Estelline
2010-11   Shane Thill, Mitchell
2011-12   Julie Ortman, Sioux Falls
2012-13   Ignacio P. Magbuhat, Box Elder
2013-14   Cindy Trager, Sioux Falls
2014-15    Deb Sternhagen, Tyndall
2015-16   Brett Distel, Box Elder
2016-17   Brian Kringen, Rapid City
2017-18   Carla Snedeker, Mitchell
1989-90   Sid Fosheim, Milbank
1990-91   Sid Fosheim, Milbank
1991-92   John Houska, Rapid City
1992-93   Ken Keck, Clark
1993-94   Bruce Wendling, Beresford
1994-95   Gregg Roach, Brookings
1995-96   Paul Schreiner, Pierre
1996-97   Jerry Hirrschoff, Rapid City
1997-98   Rick Fink, Harrisburg
1998-99   Gary Maffett, Brookings
1999-00   Mark Neises, Howard
2000-01   Clair Donovan, Spearfish
2001-02   Mike Jorgensen, Parker
2002-03   Doug Hughes, Spearfish
2003-04   Bud Postma, Madison
2004-05   Jeramie Eimers, Tea
2005-06   Greg Harrell, Sioux Falls
2006-07   Lee Pulse, Kimball
2007-08   Graydon Dailey, Belle Fourche
2008-09   Cory Slykhuis, Tea
2009-10   Steve Rounds, Pierre
2010-11   Jerry Bussler, Rapid City
2011-12   Tim Steffensen, Clear Lake
2012-13   Clark Slykhuis, Letcher
2013-14   Rod Fortin, Tea
2014-15   Dave Cornemann, Yankton
2015-16   Patrick Krause, Groton
2016-17   Todd Dvoracek, Yankton
2017-18   Edward Heisinger, Piedemont



2002-03   Jim Johnston, Mitchell
2003-04   Buck Timmins, Mitchell
2006-07   Gary Duffy, Oldham



1987-88   Harve Johnston, Mitchell
1988-89   Howard Connors, Vermillion
1990-91   Marvin “Pal” Christensen, Yankton
1992-93   Gary Reed, Sioux Falls
1994-95   Lucy Lindskov, Sioux Falls
1995-96   Steve Withorne, Rapid City
1997-98   Randy Thomas, Faith
1997-98   Joanne Runge, Hartford
2006-07   Dean Mann, Sioux Falls
2008-09   Dale Weber, Salem

Awarded to one individual who is not an active official, but who has made significant contributions to high school sports officiating throughout a long and distinguished career. Recipient must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and moral character and be endorsed by their respective state high school associations. These individuals may have improved officiating as administrators, media personnel, physicians, or educators. The nominee need not be a member of NFOA. This award is presented at the national level only with each state allowed to submit a nominee. The NFOA Awards Screening Committee selects the recipient with approval from the NFHS Board of Directors.

1989-90                  John Egan, Arizona (S. Falls)
1992-93                  Bernie Stocking, Pierre
1994-95                  Rich Hanson, Sioux Falls
1995-96                  Mike Redmond, Brookings
1996-97                  Dr. Curt Voight, Rapid City
2004-05                  Ruth Rehn, Pierre

This is the highest honor awarded by the NFOA and goes to persons deemed to have contributed to the associations at the highest level. Only one citation may be awarded each year. Among the factors which may be considered are: 1) individual has a long-standing and distinguished record of involvement with high school activity programs at the local and state levels; 2) individual is recognized as among the best in their profession by their colleagues; 3) the state association executive officer from the individual's state supports the nomination. The NFHS Board of Directors approves the Citation recipient.

1998-99                  Colin Kapitan, Yankton