Theatrical Contest Design Prompt


PLAY TITLE: Death of a Salesman

All Theatrical Design Contest entries must use this play for their set designs, costume designs, and marketing designs.

  1. Designs can be placed in any locale;
  2. Designers can choose to set their designs in any time period and in any locale;
  3. Designs submitted MUST NOT duplicate designs from any motion picture or other stage production of the selected play;
  4. All submitted designs will include a designer’s “Concept Paper” (a double-spaced, two-page maximum paper in which the designer justifies or explains the rationale as to why he/she chose the design concepts presented.


The set is to be designed for a stage with a proscenium opening of 38’ wide x 20’ high. The apron should be 5’ deep. The stage from the curtain line to the back traveler/cyclorama/scrim shall be 32’.


Costume designs submitted should reflect the time period chosen by the designer. The rationale for the period chosen should be strongly reflected in the written justification submitted as part of the entry.


The Marketing poster and press release should reflect the following:

  1. Performance date – February 6, 2021
  2. Performance group – SDHSAA High School
  3. Performance space – SDHSAA High School Theatre
  4. Other publicity materials – created by the designer