Audition Scales


The All-State Band Audition Scales are a joint project of the South Dakota Bandmasters’ Association and the South Dakota High School Activities Association.  The All-State Band Audition Scales were prepared by the All-State Band adjudicators and will be used in the All-State Band auditions.

The value of a musician practicing scales for improvement has been universally accepted; nevertheless, the  immediate goal of the All-State Band Audition Scales is to provide the students that are auditioning for the South Dakota All-State Band with access to the scales that are required as part of the All-State Band audition process.

One of the requirements of the All-State Band auditions is for each student to play from this required list of scales.  The scales required for auditions include major, melodic minor, and chromatic scales.  These All-State Band Audition Scales provide students with the audition scales in a format whereby they can be downloaded by the student for use in practicing for their All-State Audition.

It is important to remember that each student is expected to bring the copy of the scales for their instrument to the audition.

Chromatic Scales


Major & Minor Scales

     Alto, Baritone & Tenor Saxophone
     Bass & Contrabass Clarinet
     Bass Trombone
     Euphonium BC
     Horn (French)
     Keyboard Mallet
     String Bass
     Trumpet & Euphonium TC

Students auditioning for the All-State Band are also required to take a written test.  The All-State Band & Orchestra Terminology Sheet is a study guide of the terms used for the All-State written test.  The All-State Band & Orchestra Terminology Sheet can be accessed from the SDHSAA Music page by clicking on the "All-State Band & Orchestra Terminology Sheet" link.