South Dakota Changes


  1. Eliminate the 10% rule in calculating ADM for co-ops.

  2. The regular season will end on the cut-off date and matches played after the cut-off date will not count towards seed points for any postseason matches.

  3. Change Class A and Class B to the same match limitations as Class AA.

      Class AA, A and B
      20 duals - no tournaments
      19 duals - 1 tournament
      18 duals - 2 tournaments
      17 duals - 3 tournaments
      16 duals - 4 tournaments
  4. Require that all coaches, head or assistant, paid or volunteer, for SDHSAA fall sports complete the "Heat Illness Prevention" course PRIOR to assuming their coaching duties each school year.

  5. Pre-match conference coin toss is conducted by the R1 and R2.  R1 will call the captain(s) and head coach from each team together at the officials table by sounding a double whistle and raising the coin in the air.  Coaches and captains need to be available immediately following the JV match for the pre-match conference or an unnecessary delay may be assessed (administrative yellow).  The clock will not start until the pre-match conference is concluded.


  1. Pre-wrap is not allowed as a headband and/or hair control device.

  2. Headbands, if worn, must be black, white, or the predominant color similar to that of the torso of the uniform (excluding the libero) and must be the same for all participants.  Any headband worn cannot be tied.

  3. South Dakota will not follow NFHS intermission rules.