Correcting Judge Error/Inquiries


Rule 5-1-5

  1. A coach may address the Meet Referee only by submitting in writing an inquiry concerning his/her gymnast(s).  The written inquiry or the verbal intent to inquire shall be submitted to the Meet Referee no later than 10 minutes (SD exception) after all scores for that team are recorded for that individual event. ONE INQUIRY PER SHEET.  The inquiry shall only concern the following:
    1. Difficulty or vault values;
    2. Event requirements;
    3. Bonus;
    4. Neutral deductions;
    5. A mathematical error.
  1. Judges do not need to agree on event requirements, bonus, difficulty or vault values, mathematical error, or neutral deductions, merely that it can be the basis of an inquiry.
  2. When a coach discovers a clerical or mathematical error in a judge’s scoresheet, it should be brought to the attention of the Meet Referee through a written inquiry.  The Meet Referee shall ask the judge to make the correction on the event scoresheet and initial the revised score.  The scorer shall correct the meet scoresheet, with the event scoresheet going back to the viewing table.
  3. Deductions for inquiries
    1. With the exception of mathematical error inquiries, each inquiry after the first failed inquiry that does not result in a score correction results in a 0.5 deduction from the team's final score (0.2 deduction in State Meet individual competition).
    2. All inquiries involving judgment other that those specified in 5-1-5 are 1.0 deductions.

Recording End of Event Time for Each Team


  1. Scoretable personnel must indicate the time that each team completed each individual event (bars, beam, floor, vault).  The time should be noted on the scoresheet of the team's last competitor in each individual event.  Time noted is when the sheet has left the scoretable and goes to the viewing table.  The viewing table will have a check-off sheet for each event for each team.  The time noted on the sheet will be the time that your opportunity to inquire will expire for that event. 
  2. Following a team's last event, that coach must submit final event inquiries 10 minutes after the time the scoresheet leaves the scoretable.  Thus, each coach needs to check scoresheets after each rotation at the State Meet and file any inquiry for that event prior to the 10-minute deadline for said event.