South Dakota Changes


  1. Failure to land on any part of the bottom of the feet first would result in a voided vault. The athlete will not be allowed to attempt the same vault. If the athlete performs the same vault, the vault will be voided.

  2. Increase the pay for State Qualifying Meet judges from $125 to $150.

  3. Require all music recorded for performances to be used with iPod, phone auxiliary cords, etc. NO CD's will be allowed.

  4. Class AA: move the individual qualifying standard for All-Around score from 33.0 to 34.0 on the day of the State Qualifying Meet.

  5. Winter moratorium is in effect from December 23 -26. No activities allowed during this time.


  1. Coaches have a maximum of 10 minutes (instead of five) to submit an inquiry after all scores for that team are recorded for that individual event.

  2. Vault judges must sit with one judge on each side of the vault, or be placed a minimum of five feet apart when two judges or more are used on the same side of the vault.