Uniform Reminders

cross country pic

  1. Shoes are required with a definite upper and recognizable sole and heel.  Shoes shall be worn on both feet.  NOTE:  The use of slippers or socks does not meet this rule.
  2. Full-length cross country jersey and cross country shorts or one-piece uniform issued by the school.
  3. Same color and design for all team members (jersey and shorts or one-piece uniform).
  4. Shorts may vary in length and style, but must be the same color for all team members.  The waistband of a competitor’s bottom shall be worn above the hips.  Bottoms must be worn as the manufacturer intended and may not be rolled down.
  5. The one-piece uniform, jersey and shorts may have school identification.
  6. Tops must be worn as the manufacturer intended.  Must hang below or be tucked into the waistband of the bottom of the uniform when the competitor is standing erect.  Bare midriffs are not acceptable.
  7. Any visible shirt worn under the jersey and other visible apparel worn under the shorts must be a single solid color and unadorned.  Manufacturer’s logo/trade names, not to exceed 2 ¼”, are permitted on each item of apparel.  The restriction of a single logo/trade name has been deleted.  Multiple logos/trade names are now permitted; however, none of the visible logos/trade names may exceed 2 ¼”.
  8. If worn by more than one team member (two or more), that apparel must be of the same color, but not necessarily the same length.  Example: blue long sleeve shirt and blue short sleeve shirt.
  9. Top and bottom visible apparel does not need to be the same color.  Example: blue shirt and black tights.
  10. The American Flag, not exceeding 2x3 inches, and either a commemorative or memorial patch, not to exceed 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ inches, may be worn on the uniform top or bottom.
  11. No marking on sweat outfits other than the school markings.
  12. Socks are not considered a part of the uniform and may be of any color or design.
  13. No headgear may be worn that is hazardous to other competitors or inappropriate to cross country.  Bandannas, pre-wrap, caps, or hats are not legal.  Stocking hats, headbands/hair control devices are legal and can be of any color or design.  Multiple logos are also legal other than those not appropriate for high school athletes, such as alcohol, tobacco, etc.  Additional adornments, such as ribbons, bows, etc. are not allowed.
  14. Competitors may have bobbie pins and/or barrettes (maximum 2" in length) in their hair.
  15. A single watch worn on the wrist is legal.

Atomizer/Inhaler Rule (Rule 4-5-NOTE):  The use of an atomizer during competition containing a prescription drug designed to alleviate the asthmatic condition is not considered to be an illegal aid as long as a physician’s statement documenting the need of the athlete to use the prescription is presented to the meet director/referee prior to the beginning of the meet.

The physician’s statement MUST clarify the need to use an atomizer “during competition”.