South Dakota Changes



  1. SDHSAA will now follow the Optimal Performance Calculator format for weights during the season. Please see additional information released to the SDHSAA website for full regulations.
  2. The minimum number of duals a team must compete in to be eligible for the State Duals is now 10.
  3. Change in the method of selecting teams for the state duals.
  4. State Tournament Schedule has been amended.
  5. During Regions, a minimum of five wrestlers must now be seeded in each bracket/weight class
  6. By December 1st annually, each school must have the entirety of its dual schedule posted on the website. After that date, no new events can be added and only SDHSAA office-approved deletions or changes can occur without a win/loss/forfeit being awarded.
  7. For all duals, regular reason and postseason, the random draw shall be used to determine starting weight.
  8. A girls’ division will exist for the 2020-21 season as detailed in the Wrestling section of the SDHSAA Athletic Handbook.