South Dakota Changes



  1. Each head coach must complete an official’s evaluation form for all dual matches played on their schedule. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine to the school not completing their dual match evaluation forms.
  2. Eliminate the handshake after the introduction of players. R1 will sound the whistle and motion teams to go to their respective benches. The timer will start the one minute clock upon the R1’s whistle. The warning whistle will sound when 15 seconds remain on the clock and teams are expected to be on the court in positions for the R2 to complete the lineup check prior to the final horn.
  3. Volleyball Warm-up (15 minutes)
    1. Three minutes shared ball handling on each teams respective side of the net
    2. Six minutes visiting team - entire playing floor
    3. Six minutes home team - entire playing floor
    4. When one team has the playing floor for the six minute time frame, the opposing team may utilize the surrounding area.
      1. Only roster personnel are allowed on the floor.
      2. Warm-up time will not start until the pre-match conference is concluded.
  4. The regular season will end on the cut-off date and matches played after the cut-off date will not count toward seed points for any postseason matches.
  5. A complete and accurate roster shall be updated on the SDHSAA website one week prior to Region play in order for Region chairpersons to have the most current information. No changes may be made after that time without SDHSAA approval.
  6. Require that all coaches, head or assistant, paid or volunteer, for SDHSAA fall sports complete the “Heat Illness Prevention" course PRIOR to assuming their coaching duties each school year.


  1. Pre-wrap is not allowed as a headband and/or hair control device.
  2. Headbands, if worn, must be black, white, or the predominant color similar to that of the torso of the uniform (excluding the libero) and must be the same for all participants. Any headband worn cannot be tied.
  3. South Dakota will not follow NFHS intermission rules.