Team & Spectator Conduct Rules


The following rules apply to all Region and State events.  All member schools, conferences, etc. are encouraged to adopt these rules for all regular season contests.

  1. Conduct of Spectators, Coaches, and Players
    1. There must be sufficient planning by the tournament manager and by all participating schools which have qualified for the tournament, relative to appropriate crowd control during the duration of the event.
    2. All participating schools will be expected to emphasize the necessity for proper crowd behavior.  Administrators from member schools are expected to position themselves near their student cheering section whenever their team is playing.
    3. Coaches will be expected at all times to display the type of conduct which contributes good sportsmanship and which does not incite the spectators in attendance.
    4. Coaches will be expected to impress upon their athletes the importance of displaying good sportsmanship at all times, including players on the court, substitutes sitting on the bench, or following the conclusion of a game.
    5. Administrators will be expected to impress upon their coaches the importance of displaying good sportsmanship at all times.
    6. All fans will be expected to remain off the playing area until after the awarding of medals and trophies.  Failure to remain off the playing floor will result in the offending team not being recognized by the public address announcer.  Medals and trophy will be awarded to school personnel following the awards ceremony.  Fans will be allowed on the playing area following the presentation of all awards.
    7. All fans must wear shirts.
  2. Equipment and Facilities
    1. Removal of the nets following the championship game will be under the direction and supervision of the tournament manager. 
    2. The breaking of a backboard will become the financial liability of the school whose student(s) caused the damage.
    3. Vandalism to locker room facilities, motel rooms, etc. shall be the responsibility of the member school whose player/team was responsible for the damage.
  3. No Banners - No Signs - No Noisemakers
    1. Temporary banners and signs of all kinds are prohibited except those displayed by the SDHSAA, the Association’s corporate partners, the tournament band, the arena, the tournament manager, and licensed radio and television stations.  Cheer cards displayed by cheerleaders are permissible.
    2. All types of noisemakers are prohibited.  This includes plastic hand shakers, thunder sticks, as well as all sorts of projectiles.
    3. Paper confetti and silly string are prohibited because they are difficult to clean up in addition to being a fire hazard.
    4. Balloons are prohibited.
    5. Megaphones are prohibited except when used by a cheerleader.
    6. Musical instruments are prohibited except when the band is performing.
    7. Stereo tape decks and related radio equipment are prohibited during official tournament play.  Host management may provide tapes, CD’s, etc. that may be played during warm-ups, quarter, and halftime breaks, or breaks in the action such as dead balls, etc.
  4. Hoops, Mini-Tramps, and Tunnels
    1. The use of “break-through” hoops, mini-tramps, rebounding devices & related pieces of equipment is prohibited.
    2. Human tunnels created by student and/or adult fans are prohibited.
  5. Pennants, Number 1 Fingers, Foam Noodles, Homer Hankies, Rooter Poms, etc. will be permitted.
  6. Laser Pointers are prohibited.  If used, the laser pointers will be permanently confiscated.
  7. Re-Entry
    1. As per local venue policy, no re-entry will be allowed.
  8. Smoking is not allowed inside the venue.
    1. As per local venue policy, adult smokers will be given a hand stamp/accommodation pass for re-admittance to the venue for that session only.
  9. The management will designate each participating team’s section of the bleachers.
  10. Students are asked not to stand on the seats.  Students may stand in the foot wells in the student section.
  11. Jumping up and down in unison is prohibited.
  12. Adult cheerleaders are not permitted in the student cheering sections.  However, adults will be permitted to sit in the student section if space allows.
  13. Cheerleaders, spirit, or yell leaders will be allowed, provided they are so designated by their school and appear in a school-approved uniform.
  14. All fans must wear shirts.  Body paint is not allowed for either students or adults.  Face paint is allowed.
  15. Gambling and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.