South Dakota Changes



  1. Top nine teams from each class will qualify for the State Meet. The champion from each Region/State-Qualifying Meet will advance to the State Competition with the next seven highest scores from each class, regardless of Region/Meet, advancing as wildcards
  2. Remove All-Around in-season qualfying standards. The All-Around division at the State Meet will simply be those participants that qualified for and are entered in all four events at the State Meet. Rationale: To best fill each of the four events with the true top 40 individuals from each class in the state, state qualifiers will be determined by in-season qualifying and the Region/State-Qualifying Meet. All-Around will be division awarded to those that make it in all four events. All-Around places will still be awarded at the Region/State-Qualifying Meet, but does not imply those participants qualify for State.  Event in-season qualifying will remain the same. For individual state qualifying, a maximum of 40 participants will qualify for each event.  The top five individuals from each Region/State-Qualifying Meet shall qualify for the State Meet (10 total competitors). The remaining number of participants will be filled from event in-season qualifiers and then wild cards from Region/State-Qualifying Meets to fill out the 40 participants.
  3. Failure to post the contestant number or the correct number for a contestant will resul in a two-point deduction.
  4. Failure to land on any part of the bottom of the feet first would result in a voided vault. The athlete will not be allowed to attempt the same vault. If the athlete performs the same vault, the vault will be voided.
  5. Pay for Region/State-Qualifying Meet judges is $150.00.
  6. All music recorded for performances to be used with iPod, phone auxiliary cords, etc. No CDs will be allowed.
  7. Winter moratorium is in effect from December 23-26. No activities allowed during this time.


  1. Coaches have a maximum of 10 minutes (instead of five) to submit an inquiry after all scores for that team are recorded for that individual event.
  2. Vault judges must sit with one judge on each side of the vault, or be placed a minimum of five feet apart when two judges or more are used on the same side of the vault.