General Cheer Information

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Congratulations on making it to the State Basketball Tournament.  There will be a special meeting of all cheer coaches and cheerleaders on THURSDAY at the state basketball tournament.  This meeting will be conducted by the Auxiliary of the South Dakota Peace Officers Association. Time and place are as follows.

Date:  Thursday (1st day) of each tournament
Time:  Class AA - 11:45 a.m. MT in Barnett Arena, Class A - 11:30 a.m. CT in SF Arena, Class B - immediately following the 2nd game of the 1st session Thursday afternoon
Place:  Main playing court - meeting will take place courtside, on the bleachers

General Information

  1. Only varsity basketball cheerleaders will be allowed to cheer.  The cheerleaders must be listed on the team roster/school information on the SDHSAA website.
  2. No sixth graders or below may participate with high school spirit groups.
  3. Spirit or yell leaders will be allowed provided they are designated by their school and appear in a school-approved uniform.
  4. All Cheerleaders are expected to adhere to the "Spirit Rules Book" published by the National Federation noting such items as height limitations, no jewelry, no corsages, appropriate attire, etc.
  5. Each cheerleader will be introduced prior to the start of his/her own team’s Thursday game ONLY.  Please check with the announcer to be sure all names are included.
  6. The Auxiliary of the South Dakota Peace Officers Association will be giving the "Spirit of Six" award on Saturday evening during halftime of the Championship game.
  7. You and your squad are invited to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes event.  This function is not sponsored by the South Dakota High School Activities Association.  Please check with your head basketball coach as to where and when this event will take place.
  8. Your cheer squad may have a maximum of eight cheerleaders participating at the State Tournament. You will receive a maximum of eight cheer passes based on the roster listed on the SDHSAA website.  Any additional passes needed will need to be purchased at the door.