South Dakota Changes


  1. Region Timeline: Amend the deadline for official Region entries to be due at 9>00 a.m. (CT) on the Thursday of Region Tournament weekend, regardless of the date of the event.

  2. State Tournament Seeding: Seed 10 wrestlers as opposed to the previous 12 per weight class. Region champions will be guaranteed one of these top 10 seeds.

  3. State Seeding Formula: Changed so that "Current Year, Region Place" is now the third criteria to be considered following head-to-head and common opponent comparisons.

  4. State Seeding Formula: Changed so that the "bonus" for a Region championship win has been removed.

  5. State Tournament Officials Voting: Each school will now have 10 votes for the State Tournament Officials Recommendation listing.

  6. State Dual Tournament: Pending Board of Directors review of the qualifying process, the State Dual Tournament will return beginning with the 2019-20 school year.

  7. Moratorium: Beginning in 2018, no competitions or practices are allowed annually from December 23-26.

  8. TrackWrestling Deadlines: With the approval of the TrackWrestling contract and unlimited usage agreement, schools are now required to follow the below deadline structure or face fine/penalty from the SDHSAA office:
Deadline Requirement
December 15 All results through December 1 must be entered on
January 1 All results through December 15 must be entered on
January 15 All results through January 1 must be entered on
February 1 All results through January 15 must be entered on
Region Meeting Seed Meeting All regular season results must be entered on