South Dakota Changes


  1. In the case of injury or illness, a waiver of the one-half minimum weight rule may be filed to allow a competitor the opportunity to represent his or her team.

  2. In Regions, a 5th place match will now be held to determine a potential alternate for the individual state wrestling tournament in case of injury or illness to one of the 16 qualifiers.

  3. Teams may receive up to four student manager passes for the state wrestling tournament, provided those managers have been listed as and working as a manager for the duration of the season.

  4. Up to three weigh-ins of a school’s regular season schedule may now be “combination” weigh-ins, where a team may use the weigh-in for both an individual and team/dual competition, provided the events are held similarly.

  5. The team dual wrestling tournament will return in 2019-20, with four places being competed for, in conjunction with the state individual tournament.