South Dakota Changes

track and field


  1. SDHSAA schools will now be required to post all results and utilize as their source for posting rosters, making entries and updating top performances, beginning with the 2020-21 season.
  2. In Class A/B Regions, the 100/110 hurdles may be run “finals only” if fewer than 16 competitors are actually running.
  3. In all classes, the Top 24 will be used to determine qualifiers for the State Meet. There is no longer any connection between entries at Regions and entries at State.
  4. The 200m Dash may be reversed during the regular season and Region meets if agreed upon by the meet manager, meet referee, and if the facility permits by having proper, permanent markings in place.
  5. The javelin will begin as a standard event in Spring of 2021 as regular season only, and then a scored event for Class AA throwers in 2022. Only rubber-tipped implements may be used.
  6. Beginning in May of 2022, all three classes of the SDHSAA State Track & Field Meet will compete at a common location on Thursday through Saturday. Full schedule information will be released at some time during the 2020-21 school year.
  7. The order of races for SDHSAA Region and State Track & Field Meets will be determined on an every other year rotating basis. In odd years, boys races/events will be held first. In even years, girls races/events will be held first.


  1. Distances for Girls' 100m Hurdles shall be as follows: 13 meters from start line to first hurdle, eight meters between hurdles, and 15 meters from last hurdle to finish line.