South Dakota Changes

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  1. Scheduling: Beginning with the 2019-20 schedule period, schools must identify with a single conference, wherein conferences may only have a maximum of seven conference games, with the option for a cross-division championship.

  2. Class 11B playoffs will no be seeded 1-through-16 in a single elimination bracket. Regions are removed; simply, the top 16 teams based on seed points average will advance to the postseason.

  3. Beginning in 2019, SDHSAA State Championship games will utilize instant replay as outlined in the final page of this handbook section.

  4. Class 11AAA will play one another in a round-robin format during the regular season and be seeded for postseason play based on those results.

  5. Ejections specific to Illegal Personal Contact Fouls, as outlined by NFHS Rule 9-4-3b will consist of an athlete being removed for the remainder of the current half of play, as well as the next half of play at that level.