Tie-Breaking Procedure

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If teams should tie for a qualifying place because of identical seed point averages, the tie will be broken by applying the following criteria in the order listed. In the event of a multiple team  tie-break situation, teams shall be evaluated together until one is separated by the criteria in order. After one team is removed, the process shall start over with the remaining teams.

  1. Head-to-head competition will be used to break the tie.
  2. Victories (not losses) against common opponents will be used to break the tie. Multiple victories or losses will not be considered; two wins vs. one win is not a factor when applying criteria.
    1. Situation 1: Teams A and B are tied. Team A plays Team C twice. The teams split. Team B plays Team C once and Team B wins. Teams A and B remain tied. The loss is not considered.
    2. Situation 2: Teams A and B are tied. Team A plays Team C twice and Team A wins both games.  eam B plays Team C twice. The teams split. Teams A and B remain tied. Two wins vs. one win is not considered and the loss against the common opponent is not considered either. Multiple victories or losses are not considered when checking results against a common opponent..
  3. The best overall regular season win/loss record based on percentage. Games that are played against a team that is considered to be a non-point producing game will not be included when determining overall percentage.
  4. If the tie cannot be broken, a drawing shall be held to determine the seeding position of the two schools involved. NOTE:  Margin of victory shall never be used as criteria for breaking a tie.