South Dakota Changes

basketball pic


  1. Move first allowable girls’ practices to begin one week earlier than current rule allows, Monday, Wk. 21 (Nov. 23, 2020) with first allowable contest on Thursday, Wk. 22  (Dec. 3, 2020)
  2. Move the first allowable contest date for Boys’ basketball to Thursday of Wk. 23 (Dec. 10, 2020) 
  3. Eliminate restriction on pre-wrap as a hair control device (follow the NFHS rule with color restrictions applying).
  4. Continue with SoDak16 contest being played at a neutral site for Class A and Class B; however, direct SDHSAA staff to select sites that are in closer proximity to the higher seed for each contest.
  5. Mercy rule interpretation for Class AA vs. Class A or Class B schools: By mutual agreement prior to the start of the contest, and by both teams, the mercy rule may be used.
  6. Eliminate pre-game handshakes with officials (acknowledged that this was previously adopted, but needs reinforcement) and basketball coaches.
  7. Mandate no more than a 15-minute warmup for all regular season contests. All postseason contests will include a 15-minute warm-up. NOTE: SDHSAA staff will provide clarifying language for situations where varsity game times are set and preceding contests may terminate earlier.
  8. SDHSAA has adopted instant replay and the use of a replay monitor during state championship series contests to determine if a scored goal at the expiration of the time in the fourth quarter or any overtime period (0:00 on the game clock), should be counted, and if so, determine if it is a two-point or a three-point goal. If a red/LED light is used, the light is the official expiration of playing time (Rule 2-12-7).
  9. Winter Moratorium is in effect from December 23 through December 26. No activities allowed during this time.
  10. Rosters must be finalized with accurate name and number the week prior to postseason play. Changes after that date may be made through the SDHSAA. A $50 fine will be assessed for non-approved changes.


  1. All classes (AA, A and B) in boys and girls will use a 35-second shot clock.
  2. Classics may choose to play contests in 16- or 18-minute halves.
  3. Allow multiple manufacturers’ logo/trademark on visible undergarments with a logo maximum restriction of 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches.
  4. Sublimated or printed logos around the collar of the undershirt are permitted.
  5. Class A and Class B: Mercy rule shall be used for all regular season, Region, and SoDak 16 contests. When the point differential reaches 30 or more points in the third or fourth quarter, the clock will continue to run. The clock will only be stopped for free throws and timeouts. Regular timing will be used if the score differential drops back to less than 20 points.