Barnett Center Radio Lines Policy

The policy for all radio stations wishing to broadcast state events from the Barnett Center is as follows:

  1. There are 12 available lines - eight (8) upstairs, four (4) downstairs
  2. Lines are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. Each radio station needs to set up its own individual line.
  4. CenturyLink is the server for the Barnett Center - 1-800-244-1111 or
  5. Lines must be requested at least five (5) workings days before the event is scheduled to begin.
  6. The cost for setting up the lines is the responsibility of the individual radio stations.
  7. CenturyLink/NSU will identify each line for each station - please use only your dedicated lines.
  8. Please DO NOT call NSU to set up a line - use CenturyLink's 1-800 number or their website.