South Dakota Changes

track and field

  1. Weather delay, meet immediately prior to Regions: "Any regularly-schedule meet on NFHS Calendar Week 45 may be completed on the Monday of NFHS Week 46 if it is suspended or postponed due to weather conditions."

  2. Region Track Meet to State Track Meet: Affirm language in all SDHSAA handbook sections and publications to state that an athlete who qualifies for the State Meet in an event via place at the Region Meet must either compete or enter that event at the State Meet and not be able to withdraw to participate in an additional event or relay.

  3. Track Pole Vault: Require pole vault athletes to weigh-in on the day of the meet to determine their acceptable pole weight rating.


  1. Distance for Girls' 100m Hurdles
    1. Start to first hurdle = 13 meters
    2. Distance between hurdles = 8 meters
    3. Last hurdle to finish = 15 meters

  2. Pre-wrap is not allowed as a headband and/or hair control device.

  3. Allow multiple manufacturers’ logo/trademark on visible undergarments with a logo maximum restriction of 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches.