South Dakota Changes


  1. Appeals Process:  In a situation where the point system fails to place a player in the seed that they earned, the coach may file an appeal to the appeals committee before the seeding meeting.  The appeals committee would consist of the tournament director, an SDHSAA official, and a tournament official.  The other directly-involved coach(es) will also be notified that an appeal has been made that affects their player.  Before the seeding meeting, all the coaches of players involved in the appeal will meet with the appeals committee and each coach will briefly state their case, after which, the appeals committee will make their binding decision on the placement of the player.

  2. Appeals may be made in each flight for the top eight (8) seed placements should a coach feel that the seed system has failed his/her player. The criteria to be considered by the appeals committee will be as follows:
    1. Seed system
    2. Direct wins
    3. Indirect wins
    4. Using the top 1-8 seeds, if you have not beaten anyone in the top 8, that player in question moves to the #8 seed.
    5. Committee has the ability to use discretion and common sense in placement of players based on coach's testimony.

  3. Coaches must take the online Heat Illness Course on the website prior to any coaching duties in the Fall of 2017. This is a FREE course and once taken will not need to be renewed.

  4. Teams must follow the Heat Acclimatization and Contact Restrictions as outlined in the Tennis section of the SDHSAA Athletic Handbook.