South Dakota Changes


  1. Qualifying for the State Meet INDIVIDUAL DAY: A maximum of 40 participants will qualify for each event. The top 5 individuals from each Region/State-Qualifying Meet shall qualify for the State Meet (10 competitors). The remaining number of athletes will be filled as wildcards from both Region/State-Qualifying Meets, to include in-season qualifiers in each event, not to exceed 40 unless there is a tie.

    1. Example: The event is Vault. Region 1 takes top 5 individuals, as does Region 2, for a total of 10 Vault competitors. There are 4 in-season qualifiers that have qualified in this event that were not in these top 10. Those 4 in-season qualifiers will be added to the list to make a total of 14. The remaining 26 competitors will come from any that may have met the the standard at the Region/State-Qualifying Meet, followed by any from the list of the next best scores from both Regions to total 40 for the event. In the event of any ties for the last position, all ties will be included.

    2. NOTE: Athletes and coaches will not know who the remaining number of athletes are until both Regions have been completed and the list is compiled.


  1. Coaches have a maximum of 10 minutes (instead of 5) to submit an inquiry after all scores for that team are recorded for that individual event.

  2. Vault judges must sit with one judge on each side of the vault, or be placed a minimum of five (5) feet apart when two judges or more are used on the same side of the vault.