South Dakota Changes


  1. Increase jewelry violation from 5 points to 10 points on the Technical Safety Score sheet.

  2. A head judge will be designated for both cheer and dance.  Range of scores for judges shall be no more than 10 points.  If two (2) judges are used, judges must be within 10 points of one another. The lowest score to the highest score can be no more than 10 points amongst the judges, whether there are two (2) or three (3) judges.

  3. Any skill that cannot be done unassisted is considered a partner stunt and is illegal.


  1. No glitter hairspray is allowed.

  2. Hair devices shall be safe and secure.  The hair shall be worn in a manner to ensure safety while performing.  All members of the competitive cheer/dance team shall wear their hair up and away from the face and off their shoulders.