Spirit Coach Requirements

Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, all coaches for all athletic activities will be required to have completed the following coursework through the NFHSLearn.com website with NO equivalencies and NO “grandfather” clauses being allowed for substitution:

  • Fundamentals of Coaching (one-time requirement)
  • First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches (must be taken every two years)
  • Concussion in Sport:  What You Need to Know (must be taken annually)

All coaches’ requirements can be tracked by the public through the “Coach Search” feature of the NFHSLearn.com website, which lists all courses completed by a given coach that are still active for fulfilling the requirements as set by the SDHSAA Board of Directors.

Coaching Position (Head or Assistant) Fundamentals of Coaching
First Aid for Coaches (or equivalent)
AACAA Spirit Safety Certification
Competitive Cheer Yes Yes Yes
Competitive Dance Yes Yes Yes
*Sideline Cheer (stunting) Yes Yes Yes
Sideline Cheer (non-stunting) Yes Yes No

 *If a qualified cheer coach and/or school-approved supervisor is not in attendance at an activity, the cheer team WILL NOT be allowed to perform stunts.