South Dakota Changes


  1. Region Timeline: Final entries for the Region Tournament are now due at 12:00 Noon on the day of the seeding meeting, and must be entered into TrackWrestling. The only movement of wrestlers allowed after this deadline will be for documented injury or illness. In order for wrestlers entered to be moved between weight classes, a documents injury/illness must exist.

  2. State Tournament Seeding: For the seeding/draw of the State Tournament, 12 wrestlers will be seeded in each bracket. Region champions will remain guaranteed a spot within the top eight (8) seeds. The committee reserves the ability to re-seed/re-draw a bracket if a forfeit occurs within the top (8) seeds prior to the start of competition.

  3. Region/State Seeding Formula: Change the format of common opponent criteria to match TrackWrestling default criteria.

  4. State Seeding Formula: Revised to incorporate a comparison for Region place within the same Region as a higher comparison than previous.